Add objects to support the export of labor

Accordingly, the application objects are workers, relatives of people with public, employees of the poor, ethnic minorities, living in the provinces, in the working age and who wish to work in foreign contract.


Each work is supported only once for each content


Dispatch of the Ministry of Labour - Invalids and Social Affairs specifies the terms and specific levels of support, including short-term vocational training costs, up to 3 million VND / person / course; cost up to three foreign language million; cost of knowledge necessary for employees to work abroad as prescribed is 532,000 VND / person / course; meals daily during the study: 15,000 VND / person / day; money travel: VND 200,000 / person cost of the procedure before going to work abroad include: passport, visa, medical examination fees as judicial.


The document also stated, each work is supported only once for each internal dung.Truong actual cost of a higher level of support the course participants to contribute or local budget support review.

Department of Labour - Invalids and local social contract will be based training order and a list of employees participate in training activities and transfer of funds to enterprises to pay fees and training and support for labor.

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